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Community Setup

Custom design and implementation of your Skool community, tailored to reflect your brand and audience.

Content Strategy

Development of a strategic content plan to engage your members, including courses, live sessions, and interactive content.

Growth Management

Tactics and tools to grow your community, leveraging our expertise in social and digital marketing to attract new members.

Engagement Optimization

Continuous engagement strategies to keep your community active, including challenges, Q&A sessions, and exclusive events.

Revenue Generation

Innovative monetization strategies, from subscription models to exclusive content, designed to maximize your earnings.

Full-Service Management

.Our team handles all aspects of your Skool community, from technical support to member management, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Benefits of Starting a Community

Unlock new ways to monetize your audience effectively.

Foster a deeper connection with your followers.

Elevate your brand with an interactive community experience.

Leave the setup, management, and growth strategies to us.

Benefit from our expertise in digital marketing and community engagement.


Community Features


Group discussion happens here. Posts, comments, categories, likes, mentions, photos, videos, GIFs, polls, real-time interactions, and notifications. Your engagement will increase.


Put your courses in the same place as your community. Courses, modules, videos, resources, searchable transcripts, and progress tracking. Your completion rates will increase.


Schedule your group events here. Members will see everything in their local timezone and get reminder emails. Scheduling livestreams, etc. is easy. Your attendance will increase.


Make your group fun with points, levels, and rewards. Personalize your group by naming your levels. Incentivize engagement by unlocking courses at higher levels.

Email Broadcasts

Email broadcast to all members with 1-click. Write a post, click a button, and the post sends to all your members via email. No segmenting lists, tags, or formatting — it just works.

Chat, Notifications, and Profiles

Chat with members, follow interesting posts, get notifications in-app and via email, tune your preferences, and get email digests of popular posts. Use 1-profile for all the groups you’re in.

Who Is This Service Perfect For?

All Types of Influencers

Coaches & Mentors

Life coaches, business coaches, fitness trainers, and personal development experts who want to expand their reach and offer more value to their clients.

Influencers & Content Creators

Social media stars, bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters looking to deepen their relationship with their followers and explore new revenue opportunities.

Educators & Teachers

Individuals or institutions that offer courses, workshops, or training sessions and wish to enhance their students’ learning experience through a community-driven platform.

Athletes & Sports Professionals

From individual athletes to sports teams looking to engage with fans on a more personal level and offer exclusive content or merchandise.

Musicians & Artists

Bands, solo artists, and creative professionals seeking to create a dedicated space for their fans to gather, share experiences, and access exclusive content.

Celebrities & Public Figures

Chat with members, follow interesting posts, get notifications in-app and via email, tune your preferences, and get email digests of popular posts. Use 1-profile for all the groups you’re in.

Entrepreneurs & Startups

Visionary business leaders and startups wanting to build a community around their brand, product, or service to foster loyalty and drive growth.

Non-Profits & Organizations

Groups looking to engage their supporters, promote their cause, and organize their community for greater impact.

Special Interest Groups

Hobbyists, enthusiasts, and anyone with a niche interest looking to connect with like-minded individuals and share their passion.

Why Choose Us?

Community Experts

Agency Social offers a unique blend of expertise in digital marketing, content strategy, and community engagement, ensuring that your community is not just a platform, but a dynamic space for learning, interaction, and growth. We provide end-to-end management, from setup to daily operations, so you can focus on your content and audience.

Yes, Agency Social will handle the complete setup of your Skool community. Our team will take care of all the technical details, including the platform configuration, design customization to match your brand, and the initial content creation to ensure a smooth and professional launch of your community space.

We utilize a strategic approach to convert your social media following into a dedicated membership base within your community. By employing targeted marketing campaigns, exclusive membership offers, and personalized engagement tactics, we turn followers into paying members, thus unlocking new streams of revenue for you.

Yes, Agency Social has a dedicated team of content creators who specialize in crafting compelling, high-quality content tailored to your community’s interests. We handle everything from course materials to discussion prompts, ensuring that all content aligns with your brand’s voice and your community’s engagement goals.

Absolutely. We leverage cutting-edge social and digital marketing techniques to attract new members to your community. Our growth strategies are data-driven and designed to scale, helping you expand your audience effectively.

Agency Social stands out due to our personalized approach. We don’t just manage communities; we nurture them. Our services are bespoke, aligning closely with your brand’s voice and vision, and we are committed to fostering genuine connections between you and your members.

As involved as you wish to be. We can handle the full spectrum of community management tasks, or we can work collaboratively with your team. Our goal is to support you in a way that complements your workflow and preferences.

Through strategic content planning, interactive events, and regular communication, we keep your community active and engaged. We track engagement metrics and adapt strategies to maintain high levels of member participation.

Our services translates into a professional, thriving community that not only retains members but also attracts new ones. The ROI comes in the form of revenue diversification, increased engagement, higher retention rates, solid monetization, and the freeing up of your time to create more value for your community.

Agency Social offers a customized pricing model that takes into account the specific needs and goals of each client. Our charges include an initial setup fee for creating and customizing your Skool community, as well as ongoing management fees, which can be structured as a monthly retainer or a revenue-sharing agreement. For detailed pricing tailored to your community, please contact us directly.

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